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Strategic Business Development in Latin America

We provide strategic consulting services for organizations starting new or running existing operations in Latin America. In either case, we work very closely with our customer to develop and implement a Business Plan in conformity with its global and regional strategies and goals, using a methodology developed through more than 15 years of experience.

We can provide from basic export services, connecting US vendors to our partner trading companies and distributors for the region or, for companies that are launching new operations, we can work as an extension of their management and sales teams for a fraction of the cost of operating with hired dedicated resources.


We start assessing the market, considering the opportunities for the new product or service, possible alliances, competitive scenario, and potential challenges. Then we develop a cost-effective plan, according to the customer’s expectations and resources. In this process, we identify the more favorable segments – geographically, based on industry verticals or other defining factors – and point the resources in that direction.


Moving to the tactical, we deliver activities, such as:


  • Establish the required logistics and fiscal mechanisms to allow the product or service to be sold in the target territories. 

  • Select business alliances, with traditional and alternative channels, to create an extension of the vendor, and establish a local presence.

  • Enable the alliances to methodically identify, qualify and convert opportunities.

  • Work on the localization of promotional content and documentation.

  • Develop and execute Marketing initiatives, such as Webinars, workshops, targeted meetings, promotions, etc., as well as identify events, such as trade shows, seminars, congresses, etc., in conjunction with the vendor and the alliances, to propagate brand awareness and generate demand.

  • Evaluate and implement alternative offer models, if applicable, for example: leasing, SaaS, Managed Services, etc.

  • Support Proof of Concept/Value and demonstrations until the alliances can effectively perform them by themselves.

  • Work closely with the vendor and the alliances in strategic opportunities to secure their closing.

  • Put in place the necessary post-sales processes to integrate with the vendor’s Customer Services/Support and RMA.

  • Provide tracking information on the opportunities to feed the vendor’s CRM and keep its forecast and pipeline up-to-date.


As the operation grows and it starts to make sense for the vendor to have its own resources in the region, we can also help in the recruiting and training processes and give advice and assistance to ultimately establish its local offices.

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