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Strategy Execution Management


The Strategy Execution Management's process main objective is to ensure that the Strategic Plan is implemented and executed as planned. In other words, the strategies are effectively transformed into tactics, which are executed in a simple and efficient way.

During the implementation of the Strategies and Tactics Management, the necessary management processes are analyzed and organized to ensure that the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) - established in the Strategic Plan - are monitored carefully, always generating one or more immediate corrective actions when any deviation is found.

The Strategy Execution Management process:


  • Understand and review the Organization Structure and the Operating Governance Model;


  • Establish a rhythm:  Milestones and Management Calendar;


  • Deploy effective systems and monitoring tools (Balanced Scorecard, Follow Up Tools, Performance Evaluation);


  • Create a Strategy Management Office department with the mission to lead the Organization’s Strategic Management process. In smaller organizations, this "department" may be implemented just as a full or part time manager.

Key Benefits


  • Objectives, Strategies and their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets deployed to all organization levels;


  • Focus: Tactical and Operational Plans aligned with the Strategic Plan and implemented accordingly to deadlines;


  • Monitoring of all tactical activities, measuring results and making the necessary adjustments to avoid possible issues and take advantage of new opportunities.

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