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Business Growth Acceleration


In order to accelerate the business growth of an organization in a structured, continuous, and sustainable way, it is possible to lead a positive disruption in the company's growth rates above market average growth.

A project to develop Accelerated Growth Strategies includes the following phases:


  • Internally disseminate a Growth Culture (top and middle management);

  • Identify strategic areas with potential growth opportunity;

  • Stimulate innovation and development of strategic growth projects for the opportunity areas identified. In addition to revenue and operating income growth, we also consider other types of growth, such as market share, sales productivity, efficiency, and many others;

  • Define a Growth Project Portfolio based on return on investment (financial and strategic criteria);

  • Implement a full cycle project management: proposal, analysis, prioritization, approval, resource allocation, development, and monitoring of growth projects.



Key Benefits


  • Accelerate company Growth in a sustainable and structured way, taking into consideration financial criteria of Return on Investment (ROI) and strategic criteria, both in the long, medium, and short term;

  • Evaluate and manage monthly, quarterly and annually the impact of growth investments in the company P&L.

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