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Strategy Deployment in the Organization



The process to deploy the strategy in the organization is key to ensure that the Strategic Plan permeates all the business units and all departments of an organization, as well as its various hierarchical levels.

Supported by tailor-made templates and a specific dynamic adapted to the needs and the size of the organization, this process guarantee the deployment of the Balanced Scorecard within all business units and departments, resulting at the end in effective Operational Plans.


The Strategy Deployment process:

  • Review and align organization structure with the Strategic Plan;

  • Cascade the Strategy and the Balanced Scorecard in all business units and departments through the various hierarchical levels;

  • Communicate Strategy to the entire organization;

  • Review Individual Assessment, Incentives and Compensation systems to align with Strategies;

  • Build Operational Plans;

  • Define Budget and Resource allocation;

  • Identify Critical Success Factors to implement the Plans.

Key Benefits


  • Organization structure aligned with strategies, ensuring adequate human resources for each plan implementation;

  • Alignment of all organization levels towards the Strategies;

  • Simple and practical Operational Plans, easy to deploy and manage;

  • Budget aligned with Strategies;

  • Individual goals, Compensation and Incentives aligned with Strategies.

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