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Competitive Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence is the practice that allows the company to monitor the external environment in a structured and on-going basis in order to identify opportunities, competitive threats or any other changes that may affect its business.


It is a formal process, intrinsic to the management process, which allows managers to understand market movements clearly and transparently, so you can make decisions and adjust the strategic plan at the same time the market scenario changes.



Just as the human body, the organization must build a network of sensors at all ends, capable of sending information quickly and efficiently, so that the right people can take actions at the right time. To make it happen you need to map the organizational culture, the decision-making processes and the external factors, to establish communication and incentives mechanisms that allow the information to be considered during the management process.

The Competitive Intelligence includes:


  • Identify the extent, the aspects and the critical factors in the market to be monitored based on the analysis of the company's business and strategic objectives;


  • Insert the competitive intelligence process within the company's management process, making it a fundamental part of the strategic planning process;


  • Understand the organizational culture regarding the collection and dissemination of information, map positions and key areas, and establish processes that provide better flow of critical information;


  • Train and enable people from key areas, so they can early identify, analyze, disseminate, and act on potential market opportunities or threats;



Key Benefits


  • Early identification of risks and market opportunities;


  • On-going support for the strategy setting and decision-making;


  • Monitoring of business performance versus the market and its competitors;


  • Reduction of blind spots for decision-making.

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