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Strategic Sales Management


Our approach to Strategic Sales Management includes how and to whom companies sell their products and services, the channels they use, and the back-office operations that support these efforts. We also help clients address specific challenges in their go-to-market strategy, sales-force effectiveness, key-account management, and other significant areas.

Business growth today is about more than just reaching the sales targets. It depends on providing a differentiated and consistent customer experience across sales, marketing and services, as well as taking advantage of all channels and routes to the market to interact with customers.


Many companies still operate with an old and static sales model, which prevents them from responding quickly and effectively to customer expectations.

Our approach extends from quick-targeted interventions that unlock value (e.g., improving a client’s Pipeline Coverage and opportunity acceleration) to more holistic sales transformations focused on architecture, align sales channels in a multichannel world execution, and skill-building opportunities across the client's entire go-to-market model, building the high-performing sales force.

Recently, the Sales Professional skill has evolved a lot. We cannot define a seller anymore only by the perspective of his natural gifts, usually used as way to distinguish him as a good seller. We need to associate these gifts and the experience he gets over the time with science. Science will speed up the process to promote the seller to the status of a World Class Seller, adding effective techniques, processes and tools.

A basic Sales Excellence Project starts with a client assessment to identify the current situation, the sales team's maturity status, the sales cycle and sales management processes, and the potential areas for improvement. After this diagnosis is possible to put in place a short-term plan to secure immediate results (low-hanging fruits), and a tailor-made plan with actions like training, workshops, consulting and coaching, targeting medium and long-term enhancements.

The Sales Excellence process:

(1) Meet with senior executives involved in the sales process to:


  • Clear understanding of the Company's Business Goals and alignment of the sales department with the Company's strategy;

  • Understand the main problems already identified;

  • Set the conditions of satisfaction for the Project (alignment of all stakeholders’ expectations).


(2) Assess current situation identifying all challenges and possible improvements:


  • Review of the current sales process and tools (CRM, dashboards, management reports, etc.);

  • Participation in weekly meetings with the Sales Team;

  • 1:1 meetings with Account Managers;

  • Identify key challenges regarding products, processes and people;

  • Sales Forecast x Pipeline and management reports review;

  • Pipeline Review - Quality, level of coverage, sales cycle, speed, etc.;

  • Review of the CRM tool and usage (Discipline);

  • Top Opportunities review;

  • Compensation Plan and Quota setting review;

  • Annual Contracts renewal process review – recurring, on-time, upselling, etc;


(3) Build Action Plan to close gaps and improve Sales Process:


  • Compilation of all information gathered, main problems identified, and mapped in a short, medium and long term Action Plan;

  • Validation of this plan with key stakeholders.

Key Benefits


  • Measurable Results:

    • Sales Growth - Revenue;

    • Market Share;

    • Grow Client Portfolio and improve quality;

    • Sales Process discipline and execution (CRM x Pipeline x Pipeline Coverage x Forecast accuracy);

    • Customer satisfaction improvement.

  • Continuous investment in Sales Excellence, with a highly qualified professional team, that recognizes the real value to aggregate Science to the Art in their day by day work;

  • Sales Team Alignment with Company’s Strategic Priorities, with clear KPIs and targets for everyone;

  • Great Sales Discipline, providing comprehensive visibility of opportunities for the whole team and immediate response in case of any problems.


Sales Excellence Processes that can be reviewed and/or implemented:

  • Account List Maintenance;

  • Account Segmentation;

  • Account transition process – based on segmentation changes;

  • Fiscal Year Planning;

  • Capacity & Resource Planning;

  • Quota Setting;

  • Sales Team Ramp Up;

  • Plan to Exceed Targets – cross areas;

  • Account & Territory Planning;

  • Pipeline Management and Coverage;

  • Data Quality Management;

  • Opportunity Orchestration and review;

  • Win/Loss Review;

  • Opportunity Closing Plan;

  • Executive Review with Customer;

  • Customer Condition of Satisfaction;

  • Customer and Partner Satisfaction Survey;

  • Annuity & Renewal business;

  • Upselling and Cross Selling;

  • Forecast accuracy;

  • Promotions & Special Offers;

  • Sales Investments (Proof of Concept, Opportunity Assessment, Pilots, etc.);

  • Smart Sales Back Office (Templates, Unsolicited Proposals, ROI, etc.)

  • Business Management Process: weekly/monthly/quarterly/mid-year reviews and updates;

  • Dashboards and Managerial Reports;

  • Sales Scorecards.

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