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Market Analysis


Market analysis is fundamental for strategic planning. It allows the company to understand the competitive environment in which it operates - or intends to operate - so it can make wise decisions on investment and priorities.


The market research is conducted in full compliance with ethical and legal aspects, allowing the company to identify opportunities, competitive threats and trends in the external environment, which will allow the company to be in a winning position among market and its competitors.

The market analysis includes the delivering of quantitative and qualitative information, trend settings and actionable recommendations, based on deep understanding of different aspects of the market such as political, social, economic, environmental, regulatory, technological, social, competitive, and others.


The Market Analysis covers:


  • Understand the needs, challenges, and company business objectives for the formulation of key business questions (or KITs=Key Intelligence Topics) to be addressed;


  • Suggest and define the best assessment methodology, analysis, presentation, and recommendations, according to every request and target audience;


  • Collect primary and secondary data through proven methodologies that guarantee the efficiency and saving of time and resources;


  • Organize, analyze and present answers to the key questions raised in the briefing;


  • Provide actionable advice and  recommendations, and reveal opportunities and/or threats that may be out of the company radar.



Key Benefits

  • Reliable support to the decision-making process;


  • Early identification of risks and business opportunities;


  • Assessment of existing myths and beliefs in the organization;


  • Understanding of outlook and potential sales in different markets;


  • Mapping of consumer trends and behavior.

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